Who is Brian D. Parsons?

Brian began researching ghosts in 1996 and was named the Director of a ghost group known as Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network. The group operated until late 2011 when he decided to disband it. He has worked in the cryptozoology field as well as in UFOlogy during that time and has published six non-fiction books on the topics.

Brian was also the host of the Paranormal News Insider from September of 2008 until November of 2022. Since then, Brian has focused on working on writing fiction with a short story published in a horror anthology in October of 2023 and a full novel awaiting publishing. He has worked with a variety of groups from all over the United States, Canada, as well as the UK and has also appeared at a number of conferences, conventions, libraries, college campuses, and podcasts and radio shows. To learn more about Brian click the button below!

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Upcoming Appearances

Grafton-Midview Public Library

On Thursday, June 6, 2024 from 6-7 PM Brian will be appearing at the Grafton-Midview Public Library in Grafton, Ohio (southwest of Cleveland). The topic will be on cryptozoology with a focus on strange creatures in Ohio.

Perry County District Library

On Wednesday, June 26, 2024 Brian will be appearing at the Perry County District Library in New Lexington, Ohio. The topic will center on cryptids with a focus on Ohio's creatures and myths.

Canal Fulton Public Library

Monday, July 22, 2024 Brian will appearing at the Canal Fulton Public Library in Canal Fulton, Ohio. The theme will be with cryptids and will tie in with the library's summer reading theme of "Adventure" with an Ohio focus.

2024 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure

September 6-7, 2024 Brian will be appearing at the fourth Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure in Farmington, Pennsylvania. His topic is tentatively focused on big cats (identification, habits, and more).

Westerville Public Library

Wednesday, October 9, 2024 Brian will be speaking at the Westerville Public Library in Ohio (northeast of Columbus). The topic will surround the history and mystery of werewolves. This will be his 16th consecutive year at the library and 17th overall appearance.

Elyria Public Library (Central)

October 15, 2024 from 6-7 PM Brian will be speaking at the Elyria Public Library (central) in Ohio (wast of Cleveland). The topic will surround cryptids of the world with a focus on Ohio.

Brian's Blog

I have launched a new blog (Brian's Under Cover) with tips and insights into writing. I've learned a lot over the years by reading books on writing and learning about writing from courses and I would love to share my knowledge and experience with those who share the passion of writing. My goal is to post something every Sunday and will focus on writing and other resources as well as my journey as a writer. If you have any questions or topics you wish me to write about let me know via email or through social media. I may eventually start an email newsletter, so if you are interested in that let me know as well.


The Beast of Friday Lake

My first full length novel is now in print! The book is currently only available through Lulu and is awaiting global distribution. It's been a long journey from idea to construction, to retooling, rewriting, editing, completion, editing, more editing, revisions, and formatting. I am so happy to finally bring this novel to print and can now focus on other projects while still promoting this work.

Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist

Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist

My most popular non-fiction work to date. This book provides in-depth interview techniques as well as several examples of client questionnaires. It also explores the use of technology in the field as well as the methodologies behind investigations and expeditions that go beyond the television style of thrill-seeking. This handbook will be your basic guide to becoming a responsible and rational investigator in a field wrought with hoaxes and misinterpretations.

The Kalas Papers: Volume I

The Kalas Papers: Volume I

This novel is currently being completed. This novel is based on the short story that appeared in Autumn Tales II: Pumpkin Slice Nightmares released in the fall of 2023. It follows a young boy who is attacked by a werewolf and discovers he is part of a larger world around him. The book is currently 2/3 of the way complete and is my primary focus other than marketing my first novel that was recently published.


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