March 2024 Update

Finally Published!

Tha Beast of Friday LakeThe Beast of Friday Lake was published in February of 2024. However, it was revised for some minor formatting and editing issues and is now out for a soft launch as of March 16, 2024. The books will soon be available through global distribution including Amazon and other online retailers. Get your copy directly from the publisher

The novel is my first full piece of fiction ever published and is the first release of my Websterville County series that includes other works in various stages of development (including The Kalas Papers). A small recreational lake town is turned upside down after a series of grisly murders points toward a local mythological beast. Will local law enforcement, with the help of a cryptozoologist, be able to unravel the mystery before the town turns inside out?

Hot stove

Tha Kalas Papers: Volume I I am currently writing a full novel based on the short story, The Kalas Papers: My First Rodeo which appeared in the horror anthology, Autumn Tales II: Pumpkin Spice Nightmares in October of 2023. I have written other short stories with the character and currently have about 60,000 words that will introduce this character in much more detail than in the published short story. My goal is to have this book finished, edited, and published by October of 2024.

The original idea for this was a podcast which is where I began writing content for this project. When I had the opportunity to submit a short story to the Autumn Tales II anthology the character and story began to take shape. The short story leaves out most of the detail as it focuses on one piece of the story and minimal characters. I am hoping to wrap up writing the first draft in early summer of 2024. I have many other ideas planned for the story which is why I am leaning heavily on using "Volume I" in the title.

Back burners

  • There are a number of other books in various stages of development. What began as my first novel has been sitting at around 30,000 words after I abandoned it years ago to write The Beast of Friday Lake which is based on a character intruduced within it. This book focuses on a ghost group and the characters to must navigate through their personal demons to confront the paranormal.
  • Another book project that I have written a snyopsis as well a short story and outline for is tentatively titled, The Savage People, and is a historical novel set in the 15th century. The book follows real and fictional characters into the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean Sea and off the African coast as a young British runaway and a crew of Corsairs, pirates, and privateers find more than they bargain for as they attempt to free an important slave on a volcanic island.
  • I have also written a deep synopsis for a book that details the search for the elixir of life. The fascinating thing about this novel is the way in which I intend to write it by stitching together the past and present as it weaves through the book toward the climax where it will all meet together. It's an ambitious project that I will sit on until I feel I can commit to this story 100%.
  • I have also developed characters and an outline for a superhero novel that is also part horror. The novel combines parkour/free running, alien life, the afterlife, a secret government agency, and chromosone 6 deletion.

More to come...

Books and Beasts Tour 2024New Powerpoint presentations are being developed for the 2024 Books and Beasts presentation tour. Every Powerpoint I create is unique for each event.

I am also looking to add some more libary, podcast, and conference/convention appearances in the near future. The launching of a new book will hopefully bring some new events during the year.